Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Busy Busy Busy

Man, I've been so busy. Football practice for my team (8th graders) started on Saturday. We picked up again on Monday and Tuesday and will go for today, Thursday and Saturday. The following two weeks we will go from M-F, then we have a scrimmage.

We have almost 40 kids, so we are splitting into two teams. My team is the more experienced (we call it the "A" team) and we will get the pick of the better players. We have to pick this Saturday (as coaches) and then let the kids know on Monday. It's going to be tough to let some of the kids they aren't quite good enough to compete on the A team. The harder part is with the two coaches that will be coaching the B team. I think they have it in their heads that they get their pick of the players. Throw in the fact that both of their boys are good enough to be on the A team, but will play on the B team and that makes it tough. I'm expecting a Pow Wow of sorts come this Saturday after practice.

I guess we'll see.

I'm feeling a bit over-whelmed in some ways. I feel like I haven't had some quality time with my wife. I don't have practice this Friday, so I want to do something nice with her. My yard is a mess because I haven't cut the grass in about two weeks. I want to finish Caiden's fort as well. I'll try to get a lot of this done on Saturday.

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