Monday, August 08, 2005

One other thought on Mr. Anonymous

The first time he ever posted, he put his name down as Santiago. Pretty funny that a guy named Santiago on Cougarboard used to have a lot of serious problems enough that he was kicked off. I guess it's easy to think that while he still has access to read Cougarboard, he can't post. Throw in the fact that my blog is linked from Cougarboard and homeboy is likely being a prick for the fun of it.

If not him, I know it's someone associated with Cougarboard. Still, I'm going to hit up my "contacts" there and see if I can get a little personal information on this "Santiago" character. I'm also hitting up blogger to see if I can check out IP address'.

I've always known this Santiago dude was all talk.

Whoever he is, he tries to talk so tough, but he just sounds like a prick that hides behind internet monikers. If homeboy wanted to contact me in person, I leave it all my contact info on the internet for him to easily find me. The fact that he remains a coward is the funniest part. The fact that he calls my son a little bastard is sad. The fact that he takes joy in it is down-right depressing.

I'm grinning ear to ear though.

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