Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My latest musical tastes

Mellowdrone. Dope band from LA with a somewhat Radiohead influence in their music, but then they have their own thing going on. They have not released an album, but their stuff is album quality. You can download their music on their web site for free. They also do covers and will put those up too. So far they've done covers ranging from "Something stupid" by Frank Sinatra, "Stand by your man" by , and Again, by Faith Evans. The thing I dig is that all these songs are from different genres (Sinatra is that good old rat-pack era, Stand by your man was a country song, and Again is an R&B song). Their web site is I suggest checking it out and getting the music. It really starts to grow on you.

Modest Mouse. I still can't get these guys out of my head. Their two best albums are "The Moon and Antartica", and "Lonesome Crowded West". Both have amazing music that you can just pop in the CD (or playlist on your ipod) and listen away. I've never heard anything like Modest Mouse.

The Vines. I got their album somewhere? Can't quite remember, but it was right before I got married. I listened to a lot of their music around that time and it's really reminicent of getting married. They have some amazing harmonies on their music. Another album I can just listen to straight through.

The Format. My friend Tim introduced me to these guys. Love their stuff, very chill and happy.

Foo Fighters. Their new album is dang good. Very broad range of music on it. It is a double disc and has a harder rock side, and a more chill side. I still say Dave Grohl is a genius.

Mason Jennings. Saw the dude at the Modest Mouse concert, bought his CD the next day, can't stop listening to it (all the way through). Very chill stuff. His voice is pretty monotone at times, but it's perfect with what he's doing. I'd say his stuff is pretty indy, but almost folksy, with a modern twist. You're missing out if you don't have his CD's.

Girls in a Coma. This is a band that will likely never make it big. They are playing on the road out of a van. They are asking for places to stay after their tiny concert appearances. They are desperate, but they're playing music that is important and deep to them. Their lead singer (who is the bass players little sister) has the most amazing voice. Kind of like Gwen Steffani's, but I think even better. I really hope the best for them making it big, but I doubt it will happen. I guess we'll see. Alene and I saw them in "concert" in a tiny room downtown Sugarhouse called "sugarbeets", which looks more like a small side storage closet. The energy from their concert, the music, everything was amazing and I was honored to be in their presence to hear what they played. I bought their album to show my support and really like it. They have a hidden track on it that is a live recording of a song called "break you". It's really beautiful and if I was a girl, I would call it "sexy". It's awesome.

Also, while at the concert, they did a cover of "Let me get what I want" by Morrisy. It's one of mine and Alene's favorite songs when referring to our relationship (at least, I like to think of it that way :) ). I wish I could have a copy of the cover they did.

In addition, I've been listening to my usual favorites: Weezer, Pink Floyd, Matt Sharp, and Coldplay.

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