Friday, June 20, 2008

This is becoming my favorite Weezer song on the red album

It's a song called "Pig" and it's a bonus song toward the end. It's a very sad song, but at the same time kind of funny. It's called Pig because it's about a Pig recounting his life story about playing in the mud, meeting a girl, falling in love, having children, and it being his time to die (I'm guessing going to the slaughter). He also takes time to thank his "farmer pete" for feeding him scraps with a smile on his face. Also, there is a reference to Charlott's Web where he mentions his friend "wilbur".

It's actually sad if pigs actually were smart enough to think like this, but I don't think the song will prevent me from eating my bacon or my baby back ribs. Of course, I'm not too shallow to think that this song isn't actually just about it a pig, it's likely about us as people too.

Lastly, anyone notice the similar sound to Queen in this song? I do.

Play this song in the youtube browser and follow along with the lyrics below.

When I was a baby i was so happy.
I played with my friends in the mud.
Wilbur and Jack and Otice and Beatty,
We were a gang, you got to believe me.
Momma would scold us if we got too rough
She didnt care, she was proud of us.
I ran around and talked to the animals,
Tellin' 'em stories of savage cannibals.

Then I got older and noticed a girl.
At first I was sure I didn't exist to her.
I sulked around but I didn't know why.
Then she put her cheek on my shoulder and I
Was lookin' at her and she was lookin' at me.
We started to smile it was our destiny.
Tina was her name. She was my cutie-pie.
I forgot about the things I used to like.

I spent all my time followin' her around.
My friends all made the whip-lash sound.
But they understood. They was happy for me.
And everyone clapped when I asked her to marry me.
And she said "yes" and we felt so fine.
We lost track of the passin' time.
Before I knew it we had our own babies:
Gina and Shannon and Keebie and Gabe.

But now I've got to die.
I've lived a good life I've got no complaints.
I'd like to thank farmer Pete.
For bringing me scraps of food that I could eat.
He always had a smile on his face.
He didn't want to think of this day.
It's finally here.
It's finally here, oh.

Oo-Oo, they called me Pig.
Oo-Oo, they called me Pig.

When I was a baby I was so happy.
I played with my friends in the mud.

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