Sunday, June 01, 2008

Stuff (been busy)

Man, it's been crazy the past month. No time to even blog. I'll try to remember what I've been doing.

Let's see.... We went camping to Canyonlands National Park (trip report to come). We bought a new house and have been trying to get moved in. Caiden has been playing baseball and doing quite well hitting (consistently goes 3-4 batting, although our team has not done so well).

Some recent things: I purchased a REAL downhill bike. I'm excited to get it out, but I need to do a few things to it:

My Bike

Alene and I went up to Park City this past weekend and stayed at the Westgate resort, which is located at The Canyons ski resort. Her parents have a timeshare there and didn't use it this weekend, so we were able to stay there for free. We went to the Olympic training center and rode the alpine slide (a first for me and it was a blast). Here is some great footage of my ride down:

We also started knocking a few things down here to start a painting project of the house and a room/closet/baby sleeping area/future master bath expansion project.

OK, enough blogging. Time to go chill in the hot tub....Oh, did I mention our house came with a hot tub??? :-)

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