Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I wish I could play music

I LOVE music, but I don't know music theory. I don't know really how to read music. I don't know really how to play an instrument. I can strum the following chords: A, C, D, E, F, and G. These are with a basic tuning. I still suck though because I really don't know how to "basically" tune my guitar. I mean, I know how to hold down strings and make them match up to move onto the next string, but I couldn't tell you what note I was tuning it to (is it D???). I really wish I understood it all.

It's not as if I wish I was a rock star (OK.....I do, but not for the sex & drugs portion of it). I wish I could just play well enough to jam in a band and have fun doing it. I wish I understood it.

While watching this project that Rivers is doing, where he's allowing the fans to help him create a song, I wish I had some level of talent to at least TRY to contribute, but I don't. I suck.

Anyway, I'm 31 now, and I have an acoustic guitar and Caiden's little kid drum kit. I'm guessing I could start off with something like that. I have this dream one day that I'll take guitar lessons, or that playing the guitar will just "come easy" when i pick it up. I watch people play on TV, then I think, "that looked easy", then I'll pick up my guitar and I'll attempt to try the basic chords and it will sound like crap.

Anyway, just a rant. I'm just jealous of those people that music comes easy to, or that are creative enough to take a chord and make a song, or are able to hear a song and play the right chords to match up to it.

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