Friday, February 06, 2009

Saying goodbye to my old job

So, as I referenced in this post I am no longer employed by CompuCredit and I will be starting a new job with US Bank on Monday. I'm really anxious/nervous/excited to be starting this new job.

Anyway, with it being my last day today, I was actually busier than I've been in a long time. It's like moving out of a house, but I actually didn't have much to take with me (just a box full of stuff). Since we didn't have anyone hired to fill my job yet, I spent this week typing up a 15 page "manual" on how to perform my job. I finished it this morning, then spent part of the day just taking care of any last-minute things that needed to be fixed.

A few of my co-workers pitched in and bought me lunch today and they also had a card made for me, which was signed by a lot of people. I thought it was all so thoughtful.

I ended up working later than I have in a LONG time on a Friday. In fact, I ended up working an hour past the time we closed! I was trying to get a bunch of files moved for the next person taking over the job, but it was taking FOREVER.

Finally I decided to bag it. I sent an email to the IT guy telling him that it needs to be finished. I then de-activated my own badge (I was the person that created and deactivated keycard badges for access to the building). I did a little glance around my area, waited to see if I'd shed a tear or feel bad (I didn't) then I walked out of the building.

It was kind of odd. I've driven to this place for over 10 years. I started off working here as a phone "sales and service" representative for Providian Financial (which has since folded as a company). Here is a cool picture of me doing what I did. I had 40 "sales" in one week, so my boss took my picture and posted it somewhere:

Tyler First months on job

After 3.5 months of that phone stuff, I couldn't stand it and as I stated earlier, I applied for a Facilities coordinator job. I didn't get it the first time, but I got it the second time. I worked my butt off, but had a lot of fun. Eventually I was promoted to a manager position and I had some great people join my staff and as co-workers.

When I was a manager, I had my own private cubicle. Someone at work took my picture (I think it was Damon) and made my hair look funny:

Tyler's first year on the job

Damon was the one that made things interesting. Sometimes he would be sitting at his desk and then start grabbing wads of scotch tape off the dispenser and taping them to his face, distorting his eyes, nose, mouth, etc. then turn around and look at us as if it was totally normal. Other times you would hear a loud "bang" in his office and you would run in there and he would be on the floor. He was famous for falling over in his chair. One time he made cool masks for me and him and we took this picture:

tyler and damon (at work)

Yes, that was work :).

Eventually Providian closed their operations here and I was fortunate to get a job with CompuCredit. I learned a ton and had some great times on visits out to Atlanta to spend time with my co-workers. One time we toured the CNN building and we all got this photo-op with Mr. Ted Turner himself:

Tyler and co-workers with Ted Turner

Another time we went on a tour of the Atlanta Braves stadium, which was a lot of fun. We got to go in the locker room and in the dugouts too:

Tyler in the Atlanta Braves dugout

On another visit we went Striper (Bass) fishing on Lake Lanier with some of the guys in my department. That was a lot of fun.


Other times our site manager's boss would come out and he'd invite us all to go Skiing with him. Those were fun times too:

Feb Ski Day 07

Am I sad I'm leaving this job? I'm not sure, but I know one thing is that I'll have great memories of working in the same building for 10+ years. I know it's not common to find people that have worked at one place that long, so I think I kind of wear it like a badge of honor. I hope to make my next job last just as long, if not longer.

My only worry now is that I don't drive to my old work on Monday out of habit.

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