Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I hate the BCS

and I'm not a fan of the Utah utes (being they're my favorite schools rival), but I respect the hell out of them. They are getting the shaft with not having a chance to officially be crowned "national champions".

If you hate the BCS, like I do, check out this article by former Sports Illustrated and current ESPN magazine columnist Rick Reilly:

Utah's dominating win really made a great argument for either the end of the BCS system, or allowing the Mountain West Conference to join. We deserve to be a part of the chance to earn more money based on our performance and for a chance to truly play for a national championship.

Read the article (not too long).


  1. I think we need a playoff. Even if the Mountain West gets in the BCS, popularity decides the national championship game, and neither Utah nor BYU are going to do that anytime soon.

  2. Oh, don't get me wrong, I agree we need a playoff, but if there never will be one on account of the tradition of the Bowl system (which was long before the BCS was ever around), so I think if that is going to be the case, they need to include the MWC as an automatic qualifier for a BCS game.

  3. Tradition.....??? You mean money and greed right?
    True playoff system is the only way to fix whats broken. Tradition or not the bowl system SUCKS and most people agree. Would you be willing to bet on the fact that their will not be a playoff system in the near future?

    Back to you solution, include the MWC into the BS but what about all the other schools that are still left out of your plan?

  4. I'm talking about how college FB has been for decades. There never was a playoff back in the 30's, 40's, and 50's. It was always decided by a vote. Then came the "Bowl games", which allowed for some teams that did really good during their season, to go go and get a little money for their participation.

    The bowls were around for 50 years before the BCS took over (which was around 1995 or so). So what I'm talking about is if the NCAA isn't going to change anything based on the tradition of the Bowls (not the BCS bowls), then at least include the MWC as a BCS-calibre conference.

    The others can suck snow :-). Seriously though, it just sucks to be them if it's like this. It's not the correct way and I disagree with it, but my point was that since the BCS is the way it is and it's appearant they will always have control, the MWC has proven itself as a "tougher" conference that should be included in the BCS.

    I think we agree though, a playoff is the way it should be, but what's realistic? How do you determine who is in the playoff? How many teams? Realistically the D-1AA level (the Montana's, Weber States, Sacramento States) have a 16 team playoff which lasts 4 weeks. It still takes them being voted in, in order to make it to the playoffs. Can you imagine, with all the money and pull of the D-1 level, teams lobbying for votes, especially the wealthy teams?

    Man, it's a mess.

    My original point though is SINCE the BCS is in place, the MWC has proven they belong. I've always been an advocate for a playoff though.