Friday, April 18, 2008

Places I want to see/hike

This is going to be a constantly updated list I'll add to and check off when I do it. I'm going to post the link to the right under my profile. This is going to be a quick list off the top of my head, so watch for stuff to be added later.



- Coyote Gulch
- Hole in the Rock (I want to drive to the end and hike through it to Powell)
- Brimstone Canyon
- Egypt 3 Canyon

San Rafael Swell
- Eardley canyon (the whole thing, not just a portion of it)
- Lower Eardley Canyon potholes (tech rappel)
- Little Wild Horse/Bell Canyon loop
- Crack/Chute Canyon loop
- Dang Canyon (Did Ding already, so I want to go up Dang and complete the loop)
- ATV the behind the reef road
- Upper Chute Canyon/Lower Baptist Draw (tech rappel)
- Lower & Upper Black Box Canyon
- Segers Hole (tech rappel)
- Miners Hollow/Quandry Canyon (tech rappel)
- North Fork Iron Wash (tech rappel)

Zions/WAY Southern UT (not sure what to call this area)
- Buckskin gulch
- Zions Narrows
- North Rim Zions to Grotto area

Cedar Mesa
- Don't know enough of it specifically, but I'll post more later once I start the research

- Island in the Sky
- The Maze
- Needles

Capital Reef

Bryce Canyon

Western Uintas

Eastern Uintas

Wasatch Front

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  1. Wow quite the list. I have nailed a few of those and would love to do some of them with you.

    Don't do the chute/crack loop, of the 12/15(?) miles only 2 or 3 are really worth doing. The rest is just cross country slogging.

    More then a few of the tech canyons you listed has taken the lives of experienced canyoneers within the past few years. Canyonerring is not a forgiving sport, all its takes is one mistake.
    I am sure you heard the story of the couple in miners hollow last year. The wife fell while crossing a pothole and broke her arm. The husband spent two hours treading water trying to lift her out but She never made it... he watched her die then had to hike 5 miles or so out on his own.... crazy....