Monday, April 21, 2008

Let's write a Sawng

As many of you know, I'm a big fan of music in general, but I've always had a great love for Weezer and their music. Sure it's pop music, but it can be fun, with other songs being very serious. Their lead singer is a quirky dude named Rivers Cuomo. He had an interesting life growing up. He was a geek and wanted to a rock star. He started off with a big-hair metal band, but eventually embraced his inner-geek and the music took off.

Anyway, 15+ years later he's in his late 30's and still kicking out great music. Right now Weezer is about to release their 6th album and he has been passing the time involving fans on youtube to help him write a song. I think it's genius to allow your fans to get involved with something like this. As he requests info via youtube, you can see a link under each video that says (responses), these are people responding to his video with ideas.

Watch the video and you can see how quirky he is, but the genius that comes from his ideas on how to write a song. Each video is about 3 minutes long, so watch them when you have time. The song is not written yet, so there will be more videos of his in the future. You can keep track of them via his youtube homepage at:

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