Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Alene is finally back

She went on a business trip for almost a complete week to Anaheim then to Portland. The odd thing about her being gone was that Caiden was with his mom that weekend too, so I was pretty much to myself. Most men would die to have that much time away, to do their own thing, but it was weird for me.

First, I did keep busy (for the most part) with plenty to do in selling the house. I had time to finish doing the insulation in the basement and fix some grout on the floors of the house. I also patched a water leak in the house and painted it, so plenty to do.

However, it just really sucked after a few days to myself. It's been almost 3 years of marriage and being with her almost every day. You get used to that routine I guess and I even liked it. Despite arguments and times being upset with each other, I missed happy times too. It made me appreciate her more and I'd gladly take it all (arguments, fighting, fun stuff, etc.) to have her here.

Pros of wife being away and having home to yourself:
You can pretty much do whatever you want however you want to do it.
Time to "veg" around. I played some video games and watched some movies.
Time to get stuff done at my own pace.

Cons of wife being away:
Not there to hug and kiss
The house is quiet
Stupid old habits like not showering for a day or brushing my teeth before going to bed.
Not there to share things with. Moments like a funny video clip you saw, or something interesting to talk about.
Rock Band sucks playing alone
Cooking dinner alone sucks
Eating dinner alone sucks

Anyway, it sucked having her gone, but I appreciate her much more. PLUS, her BELLY has grown so much since she's been gone. It was so fun just rubbing it last night when I picked her up and this morning when I dropped her off at work.

Welcome home baby.


  1. I love you baby, I'm so glad to be back too! I missed you a ton!

  2. Tyler i can agree with "Cons of wife being away" except for me i'd call it "Cons of Not Finding The One Yet" hahaha