Thursday, March 27, 2008

My top 24 places to live....

According to this site that Alene referred me to. I suggest everyone take this quiz. It only takes a few minutes and it's cool to know what places would be ideal for my likes. Be careful at the end, be sure to not allow them to send you junk mail (un-click the box).

Here are my top 24 cities. I thought it was funny so many are from Utah. I guess I'm in the right place:

1. Billings, MT
2. Tacoma, WA
3. Biloxi-Gulfport, MS
4. St. George UT
5. Provo-Orem, UT
6. Gainsville FL
7. Ogden UT
8. Tallahassee, FL
9. SLC, UT
10. Spokane, WA
11. Fort Collins, CO
12. Kent, WA
13. Greenville, SC
14. Chattanooga, TN
15. Charleston, WV
16. Knoxville, TN
17. Alexandria, VA
18. Fayetteville, NC
19. Olympia, WA
20. Springville, UT
21. Grand Junction, CO
22. Johnson City-Kingsport, TN
23. Missoula, MT
24. Cedar City, UT

1 comment:

  1. I took that test and i see that u and i have some cities in common.