Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Having a daughter....

WOW!! I'm both excited and scared at the same time. It is a totally new adventure with Alene and I can't wait. From the ultrasound, she had to be constantly moving, which lead me to believe she'll have her mother's adventurous spirit. I also hope she has her beautiful eyes and smile. They'd melt anyone's heart just like they do mine.

It's going to be entirely new though. I'm so proud of Alene and I cannot wait for the baby to come and for Alene to be able to spend some "bonding" time with our baby. I'm almost speechless about the whole thing....

I'm so thankful for Alene and Caiden and all the joy they bring to my life. There aren't two people I'd rather spend my time with, but them. I'm so excited to add a sister and look forward to buying her cute girl stuff. I cannot wait to see the relationship she is going to have with her mother and with her older brother. Alene is such a good mother to Caiden and she will be a special mother to her first daughter. Caiden is so excited and just this morning said that he will watch after her and be her "security guard". He was totally serious about it too, as if it were his job.

Did I mention I was excited? Now I just want the days to come more quickly.


  1. He might not want to be her security guard if she insists he wear a pink outfit : ) seriously though? that is adorable that he said that!

  2. Stop making me cry this is too cute. :)

    -lana and not mom and dad