Friday, March 23, 2007

Some projects I've been doing

I've been pretty busy here and there helping my parents finish up some major projects in their basement as they get ready to sell their house. I (along with other members of the family when they have time) helped them drywall and tile their laundry room. I also built my first shower, which was a fun project. 5 years ago I had built a shower in this same bathroom, but it was one of those cheap vinyl kits you can buy and you basically glue hard plastic to the wall and cover the seams with silicone caulk, which eventually get's moldy and messy (over time). Well, the shower was falling apart, so I tore it down and re-framed in a nice shower to tile. My dad picked out the tile and the pattern and Russ and I put it all together. It was time-consuming, but a good learning experience and it turned out nice. I only have pictures of the shower (laundry room was a bit too boring for pictures I guess?). Here it is:

I also finished up a few things in our kitchen at home. Aside from laying baseboard around the island and painting some holes I patched, the kitchen will officially be DONE! We added a pots and pans rack above the island and I put two support brackets under the over-hang on the island (just in case). Here are some pictures:

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  1. tyler, congratulations on all of your success, i'm very proud of you. maybe i'll LET you build me a shower someday.
    amanda the great