Sunday, March 04, 2007

The kitchen is finally (almost) done!

That's right, Alene and I finally got around to finishing the island in the middle of the kitchen. Forever it's been sitting there without a finished back or countertop and we got it done this past weekend. Our plan was to add a maple cutting-board style countertop to it. I was going to do this by getting all fancy and trying to get some rough maple boards, glue them together, sand it, stain it, varnish it, etc. and make my own countertop (a lot of work).

When I went to the wood supply place, I found out they actually carry the maple cuttingboard blocks all finished and varnished and ready to go. So, I called Alene and she agreed to get it, even though it cost's more than the rough materials, it would save me TONS of time of inexperience and work :).

So I installed it yesterday and it turned out quite nice. Forever we had a piece of plywood on as a countertop (so we could use the space) and the plywood was covered by some sort of table cover. It's so nice to have this on now.

You may not also notice, but we added wood paneling around the entire cabinet (except where the doors are). We had to do this because this cabinet I used had no finished back on it, so we needed to come up with an idea for something on the back. This is what we decided on, so I think it turned out really nice.

The cool part is that we have maple pergo floors in the front room, so it kind of matches.

The last thing we need to do in the kitchen is add a pots and pan rack, and add the recessed lighting, then we are DONE.


  1. dude, this is so amazing. don't you think it will be hard to leave your house someday with all that you've put into it? it's b-e-a-utiful!! good job.

  2. Yeah, but the way I look at it is that it will increase the value a bit and be easier to sell for the majority of people that look to buy a house. Most are looking to move into a place they don't need to do a lot to.

    Also, I think it's nice to be able to enjoy it while we're here.