Sunday, March 04, 2007

Logan Temple, Pizza tossing, new car, and Winter

Alene and I went up to Logan on Friday. It was a nice trip as she was able to get some work done, and then we went to the Logan Temple. Her parents got sealed in the Logan Temple, so it was nice to go there and see it ourselves. It seemed very small, but I don't know much about the Temple and if it has multiple rooms, or just the one we were in.

Here are some pictures of Logan.

Here is a clip of me tossing pizza dough

Alene and I got a new car, being that her car (Ford Focus) was falling apart and also that she was going to be commuting to Park City every day for her new job. We decided on a Subaru Outback, which is an all wheel drive car, that still get's decent gas mileage.

Alene saying goodbye to her ford

The ford falling apart

The new outback

As Feb/March/April rolls around, I find myself REALLY getting depressed with the winter weather here. However, when the days right after the snow falls and everything is just blanketed with it, it looks really nice. These are pictures from my street.

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  1. i hear the outback is a good choice. it was the car of choice for our ward in springville. just about everyone drove that car. they were all very outdoorsy, like you and alene.