Saturday, June 24, 2006

Some life updates

Did I ever say that life goes by fast??? :-). My little brother Jeff got married on Thursday. It was a really neat experience to be a part of. I really wish him all the luck in the world with his new bride Mandy. They were married in the Timponogos Temple and had their reception at a REALLY nice home of one of the largest home builders in the world (Ira Fulton). The dude that owned the home just donated 100 million dollars to ASU and another 25 million to BYU last fall. He donates money all the time and while he has a lot of nice things, I think he is the true definition of what a man of wealth should be like.

Anyway, Jeff and Mandy are in Carmel, CA right now, staying in a honeymoon cottage on 17 mile drive. I'm so jealous.

I have taken a lot of pictures here and there, but have not had the time/patience to up-load any of them. I apologize for those that eagerly awaite seeing pictures :-).

Oh yeah, my friend Damon and his family came into town. He currently lives in AZ and is a border patrole agent. I worked with him at Providian for 4 years and we became good friends that way. We had some other good friends (former PVN co-workers) Gaby (who just finished Med School) and Merilee. It was fun.

Alene is the bomb (as usual) and while on her business trip to Wyoming (the boarder is 1 hour away), she bought a ton of illegal fireworks. We are going to have a fun 4th of July.

Speaking of, we're still trying to figure out what to do. We won't have Caiden, so we are thinking of trying to get away to somewhere in Southern Utah. Our only major drawback is that it is SO FRIGGIN' HOT! I guess we will see how it all works out. We have a week to decide.

This coming week for me is going to be crazy. The construction project going on is going well, but always stressful staying on top of the contractors to ensure they get the job done when they say they will.

Speaking of contractors, I really am leaning toward getting my GC license and starting a business. I own pretty much every tool I'd need. I have the skills (for the most part), so I'm really thinking about doing something, mostly specialzing in re-modeling jobs and purchasing old crack-homes on the side (foreclosed homes) and fixing them up to re-sell them. I want to come up with a business plan and possibly hit up an investor, someone that is likely not wanting to do the work, but is willing to front a little cash to get started on house re-habs. Maybe put in some money with me and then we split the cut a certain percentage. I guess I'll see how that goes. I figure if I can pull in an extra 20k or so on each house (my cut) then I would be doing well. Turn about one house every 2 months or so would be ideal.

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