Monday, June 12, 2006

Alene is finally home

It was so nice to finally be with her again. That is the longest we've ever been apart and it sucked.

We went to see the new goats. They have three goats (one stud goat, who happens to be a midget and two female goats). The first goat (cloud) had tripplets (all boys). They are SOOOO cute and playful. I'll post pictures later.

The second goat (penny) was still pregnant and ready to give birth any time. She actually DID give birth about an hour after we left the house. She had a girl and a boy.

The midget goat (the father) is scared to death of people and runs away whenever you try to get close to him. He's pretty weird, but he did his job, so I guess that is good. Must be pretty weird for goats to have to share a husband. They say polygamy is banned here in Utah, but not for goats I guess :-)

Anwyay, Alene was still VERY tired from her trip, so she was able to get some decent rest (which I'm happy she has, she deserves it).

School starts for me today, so that sucks :-). However, at the end of this summer I should qualify for my Associates degree, so that will be a decent 1/2 milestone :-).

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