Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Man I miss Alene (and other ramblings)

She has been gone for 3 days now. It sucks. I came home yesterday with Caiden and the house just felt so empty without her there. It obviously helps to be able to talk to her, but it still sucks. I can't wait for her to get back. She said she is going to try to get back on an earlier flight, so that would be cool.

Alene's parents goats gave birth to 3 baby goats. They had two female goats that were pregnant. Goats can typically have twins, but I guess only one of them did. Alene is stoked and wants to get up to see them ASAP when she get's back.

I'm going to a concert tonight with my brother Russ, one of his buddies and my friends Tim and Jared. The name of the group is called "Eagles of Death Metal". Although their name sounds hard-core, they really aren't. They are a cool/funny group that somewhat mocks rock in a way, but takes themselves pretty serious. A few of their songs have been in commercials and such, but they haven't had a ton of mainstream success. They are somewhat associated with the group "Queens of the Stoneage" in that the lead singer/found of Queens of the Stoneage was a founding member of Eagles of Death Metal (he still plays the drums for them in their music videos and is credited as being a part of the band). They have a similar style/sound as well. It should be fun as I hear the band is pretty entertaining, even if you don't like their music.

Tim has hooked me up with some great music as of late. I've been listening to the group "The format" for a while and really dig their new album called Dog Problems. It's actually quite amazing if you listen to it. It's mostly about the dudes feelings on breaking up. Generally you only hear about how the girl feels, but it's quite refreshing to hear a guy sing about it. Songs I would recommend are: Matches, Dog Problems, Time bomb, I'm actual

Other music I've been listening to (with their songs I recommend):

The Strokes: Whatever happened?, Last night, Automatic Stop, Reptilia

The White Stripes: Instinct Blues (from Michele Gandry's new movie "the science of sleep")

The Vines: Rainfall, Evil Town, Amnesia, The winning days, Autumn Shade II,

The Shins: Pressed in a book, The past and pending

Petra Haden - This is an interesting project. She is pretty much a nobody in the mainstream world, but well-known and used among many musicians. She's a tripplet and one of her sisters is married to Jack Black. The other plays bass for Beck from time to time. She herself has been in bands like That Dog and The Rentals. She recently released an album of her covering the original hard rocker band "The Who" and their album from 1968 "The Who Sells Out" which was a somewhat mock record of them "selling out" to corporate advertisers, etc. She covered the entire album in accapella style, making all the instrument sounds with her own voice. It took her 3 years to do it and she did it in her apartment. Pretty cool. Anyway, the whole album is good, but my favorite songs are: Tatoo, Mary anne with the shakey hand, our love was, and Armenia city in the sky.

Anyway, listening to music makes me miss Alene even more. We don't always like the same music, but we both appreciate and enjoy it. I wish she was here.

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  1. Sam Speer1:55 PM

    Actually, the goats aren't really done yet. We had three goats-- two females one male-- and both of the girls got pregnant. Goats DO usually have twins, but in this case, one goat had triplets. The other goat should have her babies within the next month.

    All three of the babies are boys. Alysha thinks we're naming them Isaac, Nephi, and Ammon, but Mom differs. She'll win too.