Thursday, May 12, 2005

Man, 28, survives lightening strike while eating breakfast

Salt Lake City, AP - A 28 year old Salt Lake City man was struck by lightening while sitting on his back patio enjoying a plate of eggo waffles.

Ryler Toot said he wanted to enjoy the flavor of his eggo waffles on the patio of his back porch, regardless of bad weather. He was aware of the fact that lightening has stricken near him many times, but never figured it would have wanted to attach itself to the fork he was holding.

As Ryler sat on his deck, pretending to lead an orchestra with his fork (in between bites) when a bolt of lightening struck down and went through his body. How he survived it, no one knows, but Ryler believes the electricity exited through is belly button.

"I've always had a big belly button and I figured if I ever got struck by lightening, this would be where it would exit" said Ryler.

Incidentally, the birthmark on Ryler's belly button, which bore what Ryler called "a combination of the silouette of Abraham Lincoln as well as a framing nailer", has been changed to the shape of a billy goat.

"I'm a little saddened at the changes to my body because I figured my calling in life was to grow a beard sans mustache like Lincoln, and to frame houses with my nail gun. Now I guess I'll have to become a goat hearder" said Mr. Toot.

"But I'm OK. I still have my health, the rest of my eggo's, and even the fork, although it looks more like a spoon now. I guess I'll use that to eat a bowl of cereal now."

Ryler's family members were not available for comment at the time.

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