Friday, May 20, 2005

I'm a married man now

I'm greatful and I feel blessed. I'm humbled. I'm in love.

I'm aware that it's early in the marriage, but I am so confident I married "the right one" that I know if there ever are issues in my marriage, that we will be able to work through them. I feel like I married my best friend (no offense to my other best friends: Tim, Roman, and Damon; you are all of my "I like you as a friend, not as a boyfriend" best friends).

Alene is so good to me. It's so weird getting used to. She works so hard at her regular job, then goes to school for 4 hours straight after that, and still finds time to make sure I'm happy. The great thing is that I strive to do the same for her.

We went and saw the final instalment to George Lucas' Star Wars movies and both loved it. My brother Jeff and Russ, as well as my sister Krystal and her husband Nate, waited from about 5:30 to 10:30 before they started to seat us. Alene showed up about 11 because she had class that night until 10.

It was a great flick and I think they did a good job at explaining everything. Lucas, I believe, is a great writer, but his ego is too big for a directors hat. Still, the movie delievered on it's promised "darkness" and explained why it was that Anikan became Darth Vader.

Alene and I are still trying to catch up on lost sleep though. She is such a trooper though. Homegirl works out religiously and is always up at 6:15am every day to do it, weather she went to sleep 15 minutes before or not! I lover her for that though and I love her dedication to staying healthy for herself.

Anyway, I'm so stoked with all the gift cards we got. I've got a TON of projects to do this summer, but I'm motivated and ready. I love working on the house, but at the same time I can't wait to see some progress. Patience is a virtue I guess.

OK, I'm off to get Alene for lunch. We're going to get a checking account.

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