Friday, February 08, 2008

The Beach Boys

Why do I like them? I have no idea. I'm not fanatical about them, but I guess I might know more about them than the average person.

I remember growing up and going to classic car shows with my dad. Anything from HUGE expo's, to small town shows (they would close off the main street and people would park their classic cars up and down the street to show them off). During these shows they were always blasting music from those cars eras and often you would hear The Beach Boys playing.

I remember my dad listening to them a lot and singing along with them. I always thought if my dad were a Beach Boy, he would be Mike Love.

As I got older and started to appreciate music, I have no idea why I've always been drawn to the Beach Boys. First, I know I like Harmony and the Beach Boys were great at including it in their music. As I found out more about them, I never lost respect for them, but it did make me chuckle to think that they had this image back then as "surfers" when in fact that only one of them actually ventured into the ocean (drummer Dennis Wilson). Nowadays a band like that would be labeled "posers" and probably boo'd off the stage and had tons of negative publicity/web sites dedicated to them. However, I gained more respect for them, mostly Brian Wilson, as artists. They started off as bubble gum, fun-loving, party music, and eventually got into more serious (obviously drug-induced, but still good) stuff.

I think it also has something to do with the Americana thing of early rock and roll music. Back then, there was only one kind of music: Rock and Roll. There wasn't alternative, or goth, or emo, or punk, or metal, or electronic, or folk-punk, and all that other stuff (which is all great), but it was all so new and it seemed like everyone was having fun with it.

I dug up a few youtube videos that I love of the beach boys. To some, they may look lame the way they dance, or the way they sing, or even dress, but I LOVE it because this is what was cool back then and even if it makes me want to laugh at how different it is, I still have to respect it because of the influence it had on music.

I love how silly they look when they dance/move (almost kind of tight, like it wasn't OK to loosen up back then), but that is how it was. Watch the drummer (Dennis) and how he flops his head around as he drums. He seems about the most loose out there and I love his attitude on the drums.

One last note, it's so sad to know of their break-up and the near bad-blood between Mike Love (who continues to tour as "The Beach Boys) and Brian Wilson. They are both cousins, but from what I understand, have pressed lawsuits against each other multiple times. Both Carl and Dennis Wilson (Brian's brothers) have passed away. Al Jardine, the only somewhat original (he replaced David Marks, who was with them originally, but left shortly after they became big) non-family member tours with his son doing beach boys covers, but not officially as the Beach Boys and Bruce Johnston, who was added when Brian Wilson didn't want to be a touring member and only write music for the band, still tours with Mike Love. Watching their videos and how it seems they used to have so much fun back then, makes me sad to see how much disdain they now have for one another, most likely over money.

This one is awesome. It shows David Marks on guitar and the dude is only 15 (this was 1963).

I love the late 60's/early 70's video effects. Carl Wilson has a great voice and Mike Love looks baked.

Finally, besides Surfs Up, this is one of the greatest Beach Boys songs ever. Again, Carl Wilson singing lead.


  1. I know exactly how you feel about the Beach boys. I still listen to them all the time. Especially Brian Wilson's solo stuff. I tried to get Mandi's Dad to get them for the stadium of fire but the board said they were a lost cause with only two members left. Screw them. Instead they want people like Brooks and DunG! If surf music isn't American I don't know what is.

  2. I used to sell birth control to Al Jardine's wife at Longs Rx! The beach boys still rock my world too!
    (p.s. The beach boys have played the stadium of fire. I think it was back in the late 80's though. My friend at work saw them there.)

  3. Mom & Dad Root12:02 PM

    I've always thought Dad reminded me of Mike Love too. I saw them at the Grand opening of a shopping center in Boise about 64 or 65. I was pretty sure I was going to marry Dennis(the drummer)someday. Wasn't sure how, but, I just knew. Thank God for unanswered prayers!