Monday, February 11, 2008

I hate our educational system

and i know that my whining won't do anything to make it change (like the republican and democrat parties, they'll always rule, even though there are better parties to join).

For instance, I'm taking Biology 1010 to fulfill the "diversity" requirement for my associates degree. Besides this class, I only need a college algebra class and I'm done with slcc. I understand the reason for "diversity" requirements because it gets you to explore other things you may not know about, then become interested in so you can change your major. Well, 6 weeks into this class and I'm still pretty sure I don't care for Biology, nor do I care to get some career centered around it. I HATE BIOLOGY!! I don't need to know the function of a cell. I'll leave that up to the Dr's and those doing research to find cures for cancer. I'm not one of those people, nor does it excite me one bit.

I guess I should just be thankful for the teacher we have. She understands that most of us don't care for it and has a somewhat dry sense of humor about things when she teaches.

Did I say that I hate Biology?


  1. I honestly couldn't agree more! I hate my bio class but I was able to find a teacher that gives his grades on effort or something so I am for sure getting an A. My class I'm really not into right now is psychology1010! His lectures are interesting, but like you said, I am not going to be getting into it! I am leaning wayyyy more towards history but might do humanities now too cuz I developed a love for it! Thanks for letting us play rock band the other night! We need to organize a game night!
    See ya man!

  2. Mom Root4:05 PM

    I know!! I was forced to take Key Punch operation, & Data Processing!
    I use it EVERYDAY!

  3. Look at other nations. Most of the students are starting trade schools when they are 17. I think our high school students are told they can be anything so they go to college confused at what they are actually going to study. I think the Gen Ed should stay in high school and college should be more career focused.

    I'm with bobby. 80's rock band night. everyone dresses up.

  4. Amen to that brother!
    (I want to do Rock Band)