Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Grandma just passed away

It's one of those things that seem surreal. First, I was never particularly close with my grandma (she's from my mother's side), however when I did talk to her, I really enjoyed hearing her voice. She was a very smart woman and very proper when it came to speaking clearly and using the correct words (I think she majored in journalism in college). Anyway, being that I can only count on my hands the times I've seen her in my life, I still felt the need to sit and reflect.

My mom is driving down for her gravesite memorial tomorrow morning, so I wrote this for my mom to bring. I don't know what she can do with it, but it's the first thing I thought of doing:

Dear Grandma Shirley,

I love you. Upon hearing of your passing in this life, my thoughts immediately turned to anything I could remember of you. I know the times we were able to see each other were short, but I still love and respect that you were my grandmother.

I remember you would always send us things from the ranger station you worked at. I used to love getting the smokey bear stuff. I remember the drawings you had your friend do of a lot of the children, including the one of you, which I really admired.

I remember as I got older, I shared some common loves for things in life. One was a love of history. My mom always told me you loved anything to do with King Tut or Abraham Lincoln. I respected you for being so focused on something you loved.

I loved getting a card from you on my birthday.

I loved writing you letters and letting you know how I was doing. I wanted you to be proud of me.

I regret though.

I regret not making an effort to be closer to you. I regret not making more opportunities to come down and visit with you. We make so many excuses and allow so many things get in the way and blame it all on “life”. I know I could have visited more. I never want to regret like this again. I’ll be sure to tell my family and friends I love them more and make more opportunities to visit and to not allow “life” to get in the way.

In the end, you have been fortunate to live a long life and see many wonderful things happen in this world. I know you’re moving onto a different state of your life. I believe that you are in a painless state and I do believe that your spirit is at peace and resting and waiting for the rest of your family to join you. Many think the idea of life after death as hog-wash or scientifically impossible. I don’t need science to know the feeling of God and his love for us. I know he loves you Grandma and he wants you in his presence.

I’ll live my life trying to learn more about you and the rest of my ancestors. I’ll tell my children everything I can about you and as your family continues to grow on earth, I know you’ll be proud.

Till we meet again. Rest peacefully Grandma.

Your Grandson,

Tyler Root

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