Sunday, May 06, 2007


He's started baseball a few weeks ago. They mostly have him playing 1st base. He has not had a hit this year yet (3 games), but he's made some decent contact, grounding out. Here is a picture of him at first base yesterday. It was his fourth game and they called it after the 1st inning because it was too cold for the kids (he's wearing his jacket). He never got up to hit that game.

Here are a couple of clips of his 2nd game, where he hit the ball twice (in 3 at-bats), but he grounded them right to 1st base. In his first game, he hit one to 3rd, which at this age, is a guaranteed you'll make it to first, but the 3rd baseman had a GUN and the 1st baseman made an amazing catch. Caiden barely missed it to the base.

Lastly, Alene discovered something that will keep Caiden busy for hours at a time. It's a farting widget. A widget is something on the mac, like a small application with an icon. Some are very helpful, while some are just lame little games or information. This one is a whoopee cushion. Caiden laughed so hard he was hicupping.

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