Monday, November 07, 2005

We won our first playoff game!!

It was a good weekend for me. My 8th grade team posted a shut-out win in our first round play-off game 19-0. We got beat by this team earlier in the season 21-20. This was a team that scored on a kickoff return and two deep passes. Other than that they could not do anything else. I think they completed two passes against us, but they were actually able to run it a bit better than they had in the past.

The team we are playing was playing on an opposite field and finished before we did. Right after our win, they sat down in the corner of our field hooting and hollering at us, as though they were excited to play us. My boys did the same, but in order to keep peace, I calmed them down and had them go shake hands with the other team.

Here is a dillema for this week. Our head coach left on a planned trip to Hawaii, so this means I'm going to be calling the offense. I don't think I'll have a major problem, but it's been a while since I've called an offense.

This team we are playing (Judge Memorial, a private catholic school that can recruit players from other districts) has won 38 straight games. When we played them earlier this season we lost to them 7-6 (missed our XP) so they know they're in for a challenge. Should be a good game.

I'm so thankful Alene has been willing and able to video tape every game this year. I have been able to scout Judge better based off our last game with them.


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