Sunday, March 06, 2005

Life is good

I'm a little stressed over school and trying to catch up, but for the most part I have nothing to complain about. Ultimately if I fail a class, it's not THAT big of a deal in the grand scheme of things....OK, I don't think I'll fail, but you know, perform below what I usually can attain. Anyway, I had thought about doing a minor in phsychology: No thanks. Not as interesting as I thought I'd find it. OK, it's a bit interesting, but nothing I'd get excited over like I do with History. I'm thinking of doing a double-major in some kind of Physical Education as well. Maybe a triple major in Special Education (to get my foot in the door). Who knows. I still have time to sort all that out.

For now I have a wedding to help my lovely fiance plan. We are kind of bummed because the place we wanted to do the reception at (Springville Art Museum) doesn't have the day available that we want (Thurs. May 12) so we are considering some other places. One is my parents back yard. It could work. We are both simple in that we don't want anything grand and we will NOT have a greeting line for guests.

Anyway, I need to brag about Alene for a second here. She is so amazing. I told her the other night that I never used to believe in "soul-mates". It wasn't that I was negative about the whole dating scene, it was more relating to my "realistic" outlook on life. I figured that I could find many different women out there that I could be compatible. While that may still be true, every day I'm more and more convinced that Alene is my soul-mate (and no, it's not said in the same way that Kip Dynamite says it). Alene is so good to me and I hope I can be even better toward her. She is so giving, so understanding, so perfect in every way I need. I can't say enough about her. She makes me so happy and excited about life.

One thing that just totally impresses me is her love for exploring. We went for a hike up Rock canyon in Provo today and there was this cave IN THE GROUND. Alene walks up to it, then with out giving it a second thought, begins to climb down into it. Then, there was this rock wall in another area, and she just walks up and starts climbing like 40' up, just to get a view of the lake. My jaw was dropped to the ground both times I witnessed this. I just love her want to adventure and see the world from a different perspective.

I'm a lucky man, that is for sure.

Another cool thing is that we neve argue, nor have we. This is kind of wierd for me. I mean, I'm sure we disagree on things/issues, but it has never turned into a big argument. Everything is cool.

I'm happy.

Anyway, I have been tired of school work, so I decided to come here and type some thoughts.

Oh yeah, if anyone out there is interested, my buddy Tim is starting a new blog called Gracefully Melting Away. It's basically him going on a diet and his thoughts. I dig the name. Check it out when you get a chance.

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