Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Items I would keep in my Nuclear fall-out shelter

Non-perishible food - Multiple kinds
Water tank - 100 gallons
Bed and bedding - Multiple
Extra clothes - Multiple
Macintosh computer - 1 (if it was a PC, I'd need about 3 of them)
"Back to Basics" book - 1 (these are great for learning how to divert water to create power, etc.)
water-powered generator - 1
batteries (C, D, and 9v) - Multiple
Flashlights - 5
Encyclopedia set - Volumes A-Z
History, Government, Economic and Military books - Multiple (never know when you have to create a new country; no math or science books because for some reason poeple seem to either know Math/science from birth, or don't. I don't, so I assume others will figure it out)
Bag of footballs, baseballs, and basketballs - Multiple
Chap-stick - 100 tubes
Guitar - 1
Piano - 1
Pens, Pencils, and paper - Multiple
Clams - Multiple (they will be my new nations form of currency)
Nuclear suit - 2 (in case my lovely wife and I want to take a nuclear stroll)
Board games - multiple
Guns - multiple (new country will likely need a military, as sad as that sounds)
Tools - Multiple
Garden tools - Multiple
Video camera - To capture those precious nuclear moments
Scriptures - Multiple
Printing press - 1
"Outdoor cooking" cookbook - 1
Set of dutch oven pots - 1
Matches - Multiple (call me lazy...)
Hand sanitizer - Multiple
Medecine basics - Multiple (ibuprofen, burn cream, bandaids, etc.)
Nails - Nails are nice to have around
Rope - Lot's of it (probably one of the most underrated items to keep in your shelter)

I better get packing.

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