Monday, February 28, 2005

Oh yeah......almost forgot

Among all the mess of trying to get that re-model done, my two best friends from (said in your best Gov. Ahnold voice) "Khalifornia" came out to visit me. Mark Wills and Roman Rosario, two good friends I've had since high school. Roman and I are tight as brothers and Wills isn't far behind. Wills is the kind of guy that can talk to ANYONE. Homeboy makes you feel good about yourself and is all about having a good time. Never in a bad mood, never huffy. Just dope. Roman is really moody and grumpy. He is also lazy and only thinks of himself.....KIDDING. No, for real. Roman is a brother, that's for sure. He's always there for me, always understands my situation and always helps me out.

I took Mark out for some eating at a brew-pub and then he, my brother Jeff, and friend he brought with him (Jenny) went to a club. Mark just wanted to hook up with a Utah chick and ended up kissing some girl. His friend Jenny did the same. Jeff just watched in amusement as Mark and Jenny got drunk.

The next morning we went up to Brighton for some snowboarding. Mark and Jenny had never seen good snow (that dang So-Cal snow sucks) and they hit it all on a good day. It was cool to see Mark have such a good time. I only boarded for half a day and had to leave to pick up Roman at the airport. Mark, Jeff, and Jenny stayed up for more boarding. Later that night we went out to dinner and then down to my parents. Mark and Roman used to live with us in Salinas for a couple of years. It was good for them to see the family and how much the younger kids have grown. Mark and Roman were both suprized how much Alana and Bobby have grown.

Cool thing was that we got lot's of pictures and got to hang out. It really was good to see Mark. It had been like 5 years. I see Roman a couple of times a year for the most part. I think they are both coming out for my wedding.

After Mark left, Roman was such a sport and stuck it out with me to go back and work on that kitchen/bath remodel. We tiled the tub/shower area. I guess it was cool that he got to learn how it's done. We were up until about 1am doing it. I woke up early the next day and went over to do some more work, then about 2:30 I went home to pick him up. I took him up to Brighton for some night boarding. He had a blast. We got some good footage of him boarding too :-).

Anyway, it was all fun to see them again.

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