Saturday, October 11, 2008

What's new???

Man, time flies. My life has been pretty much working on the basement and football with a little Call of Duty 4 here and there and checking into work a couple of times a week.

Bailey is growing so fast. She is still the sweet little baby, but it's amazing how much she's grown since we brought her home 2 months ago. She is so lucky to have such a loving and devoted mother in Alene. Alene really amazes me every day with her love and patience for Bailey. Bailey relies solely on her to grow, gain immunities, and things like that. It's so amazing how that works. I'm so happy that Alene is my daughter's mother.

Football is going pretty good. My Soph team lost a close one to an undefeated team (14-6) last week. If we had won that game, we would be in the drivers seat for first place in the conference. We had so many chances to win that game, but didn't capitalize. Our record is currently 5-2 and we have two more games to play. We can finish strong with a 7-2 record and second place in our conference, that is not too bad. We also played that game without our complete group of Sophomores as 3 of them play varsity, but play with us from time to time. The varsity game was so big the next night, that they didn't want to risk these kids getting hurt. I totally get and support that, but it just sucks not having your complete team. We are averaging around 28 points per game on offense and only allowing 8 points per game on defense. Not too bad.

Caiden's team is in the drivers seat to make the playoffs now. We're 4-3 and we knocked of the team ahead of us today 27-6. I'm coaching the defense for them and we're finally getting what we need to do. Our past three games we've allowed 7, 0, & 6 points, so I'm really proud of the kids for learning and playing tough. We just have to win our next two games to ensure we finish in 4 place, which put's us in the playoffs.

The basement is almost ready for carpet. After that I'm going to build a bookshelf unit and then lay the base boards and I hope I never have to hang another piece of sheetrock or mud/sand again in my life. I hate doing it and I'm so tired and sore from it. My back hurts so bad. It will be so nice to have it done. I'll post pictures soon enough.

So that's about it. Not much else in my life. I'm kind of excited the season is nearing an end. I'll be around to help out the varsity for playoffs (they too should finish 2nd in region, which ensures one home game in the playoffs). It will be nice to be able to just be home.

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