Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A moment I regret not bringing my camera to

Today was Alene's first check-up for her pregnancy. I went with her. It's at the new IHC towers in Murray. It's nice to be at a brand new facility.

Anyway, Alene went through all the usual questions about her medical past, etc. They even asked me some questions about whether I had syphilis or gonorrhea. I said, "no comment". No, seriously, I said "no".

The best part though was when they placed that microphone thing on alene's belly and moved it around a bit until you could hear the most beautiful heartbeat in the whole world. I know Alene is pregnant, but hearing that precious heartbeat made me misty-eyed. I'm so happy to finally be having a baby with her. I cannot wait for it to be in our lives so we can hold it and Caiden can learn/feel like what it's like to be a big brother.

Next visit: Bring camera and record precious moments like that.

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  1. awe i almost started to cry for a moment. That is so cute!!