Monday, October 15, 2007


Alene gave me a hard time last night about why I don't blog much anymore. I guess I'm just totally burned out and tired from Football, that I have nothing left in my brain. I have this stupid air-vent cover that requires two screws to be screwed into a wall and it's sat all season, not screwed into the wall. That's how tired I am.

Alene is awesome. I love her support for me coaching football and her encouragement for me to blog about the team I coach, so he5re it goes:

Football is going OK. The team I coach (East HS Sophomores) struggled early on, but we've won 3 of 8 games and have one more left which we should win. We will end the season 4-5 and on a winning note (hopefully). As I pondered how the season went, I thought of what we dealt with (hazing/arrest of players, losing players to grades, etc.) and it's been pretty good. However, there are a few games I wish we could get back and play again. I believe there are two games we could have won if we played them again in the shape we're in now, so this team should/could have been 6-3, which isn't too bad.

As a Sophomore coach, you're basically teaching these kids the Varsity offense and defense so they're prepared for the next couple of years. Last year's sophomore team went 1-8 on the season, so we've definitely made great strides from the previous team, but I think it's amazing that the JV team (mostly this years Juniors) are 7-1.

Anyway, the Varsity team is still doing great. They're 6-2 with one game left. They're currently tied for first with 2 other schools in the conference (if it weren't for losing to one of those schools by a point, they would have first place locked up for themselves). They will make the playoffs and should go deep into it. I'll be helping coach the Varsity during the playoffs, so that should be a lot of fun.

I really love coaching, but it is a lot of hard work and really stressful. Sometimes I wonder how I could love something so much that stresses me out. I guess I can just say, "that's life I guess". I love life.

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