Saturday, August 11, 2007

Eff it

It's booked baby. Alene and I have never been on an extended vacation together. Anything we do is usually short and sweet (2 days max) and everything feels rushed. We finally booked a 5 night trip to Cancun at the end of November. I can't believe we actually did it!! I'm super excited though. I think it helped that we were both so tired. It was midnight, we were looking at destinations. We found this GREAT all-inclusive 5 star resort that included golf and a trip to Tulum for an amazing price, which included all taxes, add-on's, and airfair.

Now the only problem is if we can get our Visa's back in time, which we sent out back in June.

It will be a nice break with Football ending, Thanksgiving over, and us being able to get away.

I can't wait!


  1. I'm so excited too! I can't wait to have some time with just you. so next time I'm really restless should I take the lortab again? I feel like I've been restless for ages. Some of it must have rubbed off on you since you confused Tulum with Chichen Itza!

  2. Hey I just got back from there 2 weeks ago, I loved it, Tulum is freakin awesome, Have a blast...make sure u have a passport, I was a travel agent and had a few customers recently not be able to get into the country :)