Wednesday, August 22, 2007

28 Things I love about Alene

1. Her smile
2. Her beautiful eyes
3. Her adventurous spirit
4. Her love for Caiden
5. Her love for me
6. Her desire to make a change in this world
7. Her stories from her life growing up
8. How she dances the second a "dance-type" of song comes on
9. Her love of live music
10. Her ability to find cool new music
11. Her love for John David BOOTY
12. Her support for my goals
13. Her desire to have children with me
14. Her love for baby animals (goats)
15. Her honesty in all things
16. Her love of movies (I LOVE going to the movies with her)
17. Her love for the outdoors
18. Her knowledge of gospel doctrine
19. Her desire to never be satisfied with being average or accepting average
20. The way she moves on the water
21. Our shared love of all things BYU Football
22. How important her health is to her
23. Her love of scary rides
24. Her love for her family
25. The way she sees and appreciates cute/humorous things in this world
26. The way she dresses
27. How she got me to like Red Bell Peppers
28. How devoted she is to our marriage and her desire to make it the best

I love you baby. You're more beautiful than ever.


  1. Oh, if only your last name was BOOTY! I love you too baby! Thanks for the beautiful flowers--you are so sweet!

  2. Yeah. Alene is pretty much Rad