Tuesday, July 24, 2007

This video hit me pretty hard

I saw it posted on Cougarboard while I was at work and could not keep the tears back. I have no idea if it's a parents love for their children or what, but I cannot imagine being gone from my loved ones, especially Alene and Caiden, in a war that seems to have no end in sight. This father must be a very good father in order to make his 6 year old son jump up and cry without worrying about what his peers think of him.

This got me thinking about the love we have for our children. Alene and I discuss many times about spoiling Caiden (and our future children). I often times want so much for him to know he's loved that I catch myself going over-board. I understand that I don't have to buy him things to make him feel loved and I really don't think I buy him everything he wants, but I do sometimes get things that he doesn't necessarily need. I don't want our children to be spoiled, but it's crazy how as a parent, you'll un-knowingly make so many sacrifices (spoils even) for their sake because of how much love you have for them.

I cannot wait to have children with Alene and experience what it's like to have love for more than one child. Not that I want to love Caiden less, I just don't know what it feels like. I often wonder how it is that my parents made each of us feel so special and so loved.


  1. Anonymous5:20 PM

    It is a great honor to be a parent. It is such a great feeling coming home each day to a loving family. I couldn't imagine the emotional struggle it would be to be away at war. Thanks for posting this. - Brock