Monday, June 25, 2007

Our most recent camping trip

This past weekend we camped in the desert on one night, and at over 10k feet the next. Only in Utah.

We went down to the San Rafael Swell area on Friday and checked out the Hidden Splendor mine (we only went into the beginning of it because we didn't want to get cancer from all the radiation). We then drove up to the Head of Sinbad and camped there. It was a beautiful spot situated between two high cliffs, so it was much cooler in there. There were a few pictograph panels close by as well.

The next day we drove along the Buckhorn draw area and saw some more pictographs and the beautiful scenery of that area. We then headed up through Castle Dale and onto Joes Valley reservoir and spent the rest of the day there swimming and soaking in the sun. Naturally, we hit up our favorite rock jumping spot on the lake. We then drove up above the lake and made camp on top of the Mountain range between Ephraim and Castle Dale. It was extremely beautiful up there. There is an old forrest ranger station up there too. It reminds me of an area you see on TV where it's out in the middle of nowhere. Just by itself.

The only thing that sucked about it all was the sleeping that night. Something (like a deer) was in our campsite eating stuff. We could hear it for about an hour and I had to pee like crazy, so I gave Alene the 20" maglight and a kife, I carried the bear spray and we slowly opened the tent. Once it was opened, we booked it for our car. Whatever it was, it was gone. We then drove out into the open so we could both relieve ourselves with a clear view of what was around us. We then drove back to the campsite and slept in the car for a couple of hours, before moving back into the tent. With the recent bear attack in Utah, I was a little on edge.

The next morning we drove down into Ephraim and came home.

Here are some pictures from the trip:

June Camping

Here are some video clips from the trip:

June camping video clips

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