Monday, January 29, 2007

SFF Day 11??

Pretty un-eventful. Worked my last shift and then headed down to pick up Caiden at my parents.

Krystal gave Caiden a hair cut. She's so nice about those things. She cut's and styles EVERYONE'S hair in our family and doesn't even whine about it. I think we all know that we'd do anything for each other, so it's just a given that she wouldn't think twice about doing that for us. Thanks Krystal. I know a Boy's haircut only takes 10 minutes, but it means a lot.

I talked to Roman last night too. He's my bro and always will be. Most of the time when I talk to him, it's usually kind of short or rushed, but it was cool just to talk for a bit. We talked mostly about family, work, and Disneyland. Oh yeah, he also told me how to rip DVD's into a format so I can load them onto my ipod. He says he basically ripped all his DVD's, stores them on a separate hard drive, then loads it onto his ipod when he's ready to watch a movie. He can then hook his ipod up to his TV and it puts out a good image on his TV, which is a 50" HD TV, so that's pretty cool.

So I'm going to use this software to rip a DVD and see how it turns out.

My music. One thing I noticed about my music is that I have a lot of bands that start with the word "The". Not bands where "the" is optional. These are bands that have to have the word "The" in front of them, or it wouldn't sound cool.

Case in point:

The Strokes
The Shins
The Clash
The Format
The Ramones
The Killers
The Rentals
The Postal Service
The Vines
The Who
The Velvet Teen

These are bands that could not be said without saying "the" in front of them.

It was just an observation, so go easy on me this morning.

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