Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Beard update January third, twothousand six

I'm happy to report to my wife that this is the last of my beard. As you will see below, my beard will have been gone by the time I type this. Now, here is the history behind the beard.

One day, I decided to stop shaving. Not sure why, but I just wanted to see how long I could go with out shaving. I kind of compare it to Forrest Gump, when Jenny left him (for like the ump-teenth time), he got up one day and started to run. He runs to the end of his road, and figures he'd keep running. Then he runs to his town, and keeps running, then the end of the county, then the state, then to each of the nations boarders. OK, so I didn't grow my beard out for a year, but it's kind of like tha for me. No real reason, just wanted to grow it.

Well, about the same time my buddy at work, Jared, started growing a beard too. It was fun and made for a great conversation piece.

Jared: "Hey, how's the beard doin'?"
Me: "Great, yours is looking good"
Jared: "Thanks, yours looks good too. My wife hates mine though and won't give me any lovin' until I shave it"
Tyler: "That sucks. I think my wife hates mine, but won't say anything about it"

Anyway, so we've both been getting a little tired of our beards now. Last week Jared comes up to me and says, "OK Tyler, this is what we're doing. When we come back to work from the new year, (which would be today Tuesday, the 3rd), we are going to shave just the chin area, from our bottom lip-down". My immediate thought was "Lemmy, lead singer of Motorhead", he and said, "exactly". I said I was in.

Well, as last night came and I went into the bathroom to do the deed (no, not "the deed", just shave the chin). I found after I was done, that I looked more like a seventeenth century sailor, than I did Lemmy. Plus, I didn't want to embarass Alene, so I decided to NOT show up in Lemmy appearance. You do the comparison:

So upon finding that I looked even more ridiculous than I thought I would, I decided to just go with the cowboy look for a day (which I've done before, but this one is a little different).

Here is a picture of me with some of my hair clippings.

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  1. You looked like the UniBomber in the first picture