Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I forgot to add something else that I'm STOKED about. My new computer.

Jeff mentioned he wanted to buy my eMac. He offered $600 and I immediately told him $500, if I was even going to sell it.

Anyway, I started looking into the new iMac and pricing. They have re-furbished and last years models on sale for $1000. I went to my better half and asked her if it would be OK if we got one, threw it on a credit card and paid off half of it once Jeff paid us for the eMac. Plus, I have a tub-tile job coming up where I can make $250 and a few other odd jobs. She, being the loving wife who just wants me to be happy, said "yes". I was stoked.

I immediately called Roman and he did some research for me (dude knows all the deals). He found that with my student discount, I could get a BRAND NEW one WITH a printer for about $300 more. Again, the wife said yes.

So anyway, I ordered it and I can't wait. The sucker is loaded. I got the 17" 2GHz with a 160 GB hard drive and a 128mb graphics card. Plus it comes with built-in airport extreme and bluetooth 2.0. Needless to say, I'm happy.

So here is what I'm getting in a few days. The ONLY thing I plan on changing is upgrading the memor to 1GB:

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  1. You have a very good "Better half"