Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm still alive

I've been busy, as you all know, during the Fall. With it now being over, I hope to blog a bit more. I've mostly just been blogging about my son's football season. We finished the season 11-0 and won our championship game 46-12. What a blast to pay one of our best games last. It was even more exciting because we played it in the worst possible conditions (white-out blizzard).

Here's my coaching blog in case you're interested in how our season went (highlight videos are from each game).

Coach Root

Just got a crazy snow storm here. I'm wanting a snow blower REALLY bad.

Work is going well. About 1.5 months and I'll have been on the job for a year now. I think I can hack this thing, I just wish my office was closer to home. Maybe someday.

I'm trying to get back in shape and have been working out with Alene for about 2 weeks so far now. I really hope we can keep it going. I've lost about 6 lbs so far. I honestly want to be down to about 185 lbs, but I know I need to take it in steps, so I'm wanting to lose 10 more lbs and get down to 220. Then 210, then 200, etc. I was 200 when I married Alene, so she at least deserves that :-).

I've got a few projects I want to work on during the winter (if I can find the time). I have a TON of my families old home movies that I want to get put onto a DVD for everyone. I also have a lot of footage from my friend Tim's film we did about 6 years ago that I want to upload and edit. My brother Russ had it all edited, then deleted it on his computer, thinking nobody cared about it. I still would like to get it finished to know we had it completed. Tim wasn't super happy with how it turned out, but I really think it's important for something like this to be finished regardless of quality, so I'm going to get it done.

Anyway, hoping to be able to enjoy the holidays and find time to get closer to my family. Caiden is having a hard time in the home, so I really want him to know we love him. Bailey is SO cute and I'm having fun watching her grow and learn.

That's about it for now.


  1. I'm also hoping to work on some video I shot while we were in Morro Bay and the Big Sur. I didn't pull out my video camera while we were in Santa Cruz though. I don't know why. I did put together a little photo show of all of my California trips over the last 4 years. There is a downloadable link on my blog post here

  2. Dude, way to go on the weight loss! Brock doesn't really care that he's gained 25 lbs since we've been married. He thinks he looks good and that's all that matters.Right. LOL! I know what you mean about trying to tie off loose ends. I just got all of our loose pics over the last 7 years organized. Dang does that feel good to not be hanging over my head anymore! Well good luck with everything. The way I don't get overwhelmed anymore is "first thing first, second things not at all." It really helps.