Sunday, August 23, 2009

Music review: Ugly Casanova

WOW. Just got this album that was released in 2002. Ugly Casanova is a side band that Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock formed on the side, they only released on album, "Sharpen your Teeth".

Isaac used to tell a story about a man (who went by the name Ugly Casanova) that would follow them around on tour and play these songs backstage while they were all hanging out. He would abruptly leave then show up on another tour. The last time they saw him, he left behind these songs, which Isaac said he recorded in hopes that Ugly Casanova would come back.

The story is not real, but in some ways it is. If you have not listened to Modest Mouse, you're missing out. Isaac Brock is a genius. It took them YEARS before they were considered popular (they started back in 1993 and didn't really get serious radio play until around 2004's "Good News for People who Love Bad News" album). I still think their better albums are the earlier works, however the newer stuff they put out is still great and you can definitely hear how much they mature from album to album without losing the rawness that made them famous.

Back to Ugly Casanova.

I had heard about this side band, but never thought to look for the music. The other day I was looking for Modest Mouse's new EP on itunes and I happened upon the Ugly Casanova album. Just from listening to some of the samples, I was blown away and PISSED that I had been missing out.

My favorite songs from this album are in order (going to put Youtube videos/songs with them; don't know how long they'll last, so listen now and I apologize in advanced for some of the lame videos some of these people made with these songs):

Hotcha Girls



So Long to the Holidays

Cat Faces

Smoke Like Ribbons

Things I don't remember

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  1. I haven't listened to this is so long, but what a great cd. You're inspiring me. I better go bust it out.