Sunday, April 05, 2009

All babies look the same....


That's a bunch of BS. I love Bailey to death. I love spending time with her. I love that she loves her mommy so much (and more than me, but it's OK). I was able to spend a good portion of Saturday with her while Alene was at work. She is so beautiful and amazing. I was just looking at pictures from her birth. The thing that is great is that even as a new baby I can recognize so many prominent features of my darling little girl. Especially her "crying" face, as little as she cries.

I loved spending the time with her and playing with her. I love her HUGE grin she gives off. I cannot imagine the void I'd have without her in my life. My baby girl is growing so fast too. She pulls herself up on EVERYTHING she can. She's playful and witty. She wants to try everything. She is so aware of everything. Today Alene and I were in the back yard playing catch with a football and she would follow that ball in the air back and forth to each of us. She stared with total curiosity, but was able to follow every throw back and forth. It was so cute.

Also, she's good at peekaboo in case you missed it, click HERE.


I will recognize this sleeping face for the rest of my days.


Daddy loves you Bailey.

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