Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's a Girl!!!!


Our daughter (name unknown as of yet) was born this morning at 10:40am (ish). She has peach-fuzzy blond hair. She was 7 lbs 4 oz and 21 inches long. She's beautiful. Alene is doing great, despite the 9 hrs of HARD labor (preceded by 18 hours of off and on labor). I'm so proud of Alene for having the strength to go through with what she wanted, which was an all-natural birth.

Here are some pictures and a few video clips.

Baby and mommy


Baby and big brother


Baby and Grandma Root


Baby and aunt April


Baby getting weighed and measured



  1. That is awesome. Congratulations! :)

  2. WOOT!

    Do you have a name yet or are your going to stick with baby Root?

  3. CONGRATS you guys! I'm very happy for you. I hope we can come sometime soon and check out the new one. 9 hours of hard labor and all-natural....nice work Alene! You're stronger than I would be if I was a women. :) Again, Congratulations on the new member of your family! Hope to see you guys soon.

  4. Congrats: She is beautiful. Tell Alene she is a stud for going all natural for that long of time. I love the video of Caden holding his baby sis, it melts my heart. Hope all is going well. Miss you guys- Cousin Angie and Family

  5. She is beautiful!!! Give her lots of lovin from us! We still have 6 1/2 weeks to go - and I am all for drugs!!! Way to be strong Alene!