Saturday, April 14, 2007

Got a great BD present from my brother Russ

I laughed my tail off. If the picture doesn't show his writing too well, I'll put something down in sub-titles.

First, here is the envelope. It say's "To Tyler from Russell (heart) Brothers Forever (heart)"

The first page. It says:

(Top Left) "I remember when I first saw you"
(Top Right) "You always tried to steal my thunder"
(Bottom Left) "But we made up"
Bottom Right) "Until you tried to eat my head"

The Second Page:

(Top Left) "I wanted to get even"
(Top Right) "But I wanted to be good too"
(Bottom Left) "I even played Elvis' side kick. You were Elvis, remember?"
(Bottom Right) "Funny Joke"

The Third Page:

(Top Left) "I was trying to protect myself"
(Top Right) "Funny Joke"
(Bottom Left) "I didn't know I wasn't wearing any pants!"
(Bottom Right) "I thought this was the last time we would see each other"

The Fourth Page:

"But I was wrong. I'm greatful we are best friends. Happy birthday big brother. xxXXooXxooOxoX"

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  1. amanda the great12:04 PM

    that was awesome. it's been a long and windy and fun and crazy and up and down hill road. you guys are so cool. i love you both so much. did you see me in the corner of one of those pictures? anyway. you guys are cool.