Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Random horn-tooting time

Sorry I've been so lacking of updating my blog. I've hardly had time to breathe!

Anyway, I'm stoked about a couple of things.

The first, most people would not be stoked about. I got a C- in my Math class. Yes, like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy "I PASSED!" I HATE Math and I know that if I actually applied myself a bit better, I could pass it much easier, but sometimes I'd rather have someone pour hot wax all over my naked body, than have to sit through a Math class. Is that lame or what? Anyway, I just have one more Math course to take and I'm done fulfilling (hopefully) all my math requirements for college.

The second, I won a salsa making contest at work in the "most original" section category. I also came very close to taking the "Best overall" category. There were actually only 3 categories, the last being "hottest", which was true. I actually didn't try it, but I voted for it because my eyes started watering up as I came within 5' of that one! Still, I'm stoked that my salsa was liked.

Just an updated on everything else. The kitchen is somewhat in a normal condition. I just have to build the countertop for the island and seal the grout on the floor and countertop. The dining area is ALMOST done. I've got it ready for paint. After that I'll just need to add some of the baseboards around the bottom and a top cap across the top of the entry wall so we can hang plants and other things on there. I also need to climb into the attic and run a common wire to two light fixtures because the old lighting wiring (which is the only wiring that hasn't been updated in the house) has no common wire.

Anyway, I'm also stoked because at this time next week I'll be at Glacier National park, setting up a camp and relaxing a bit. I can't wait!

Also, work is going well too. I've got approval to begin a remodel job that I'll be over-seeing. It's so fun seeing "change" in a place you've worked in for 7+ years.

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